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Craig P Heard President CEO Gateway Outdoor AdvertisingThe Gateway story begins in 1937 when its first billboards were constructed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gateway grew over the next 50 years and by 1990, the company operated billboard plants in four states. That was also the year Gateway was acquired by Craig P. Heard. Since the acquisition, Gateway has expanded into 20 states with over 3,500 billboards and many transit properties, having the exclusive rights to place ad's on buses, benches, rail systems, bus shelters, and convenience store advertising in the U.S. markets and Canada.


Craig Heard 's strategy has been to continue the growth of Gateway through acquisitions, and aggressive expansion into transit and c-store advertising. The expansion coupled with aggressive sales efforts has diversified the advertiser base beyond the traditional users of outdoor. Gateway is bringing both national and local clients who had never before considered Out-of-Home in their media plans. This effort is also evident in the explosive sales growth of new transit properties versus the prior operators' sales performance.


Gateway's strategic plan has always looked to the team philosophy for success, with every employee a key member of the team. Each member of the Gateway family has a vested and personal interest in Gateway's success. Servicing our clients is not just a job, it's our corporate mission.


The Gateway partnership approach spills over into the market-place forging strong working relationships with advertisers, transit authorities, and the communities in which we do business. These partnerships are an important factor in our success and the success of our client's advertising programs. Working closely with the client enables Gateway to understand their goals and creates a synergy that makes those goals attainable.


As an industry, Out-of-Home represented approximately over $8.0 billion of total advertising expenditures in the United States in 2005. Gateway's future continues to be in the billboard, transit, bench and convenience store segments of outdoor advertising. In the 1990's, Out of Home advertising experienced explosive growth and industry experts projected strong growth as the economy rebounds in 2005 and over the next 10 years.


With new categories recognizing outdoors' potential, and existing advertisers increasing their outdoor budgets, Out-of-Home spending promises to remain on the rise.