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Formula For Success


Experience alone does not breed success. What makes Gateway unique is that we've combined our experience with a corporate flexibility that brings every Gateway employee into the sales process. Each employee has the opportunity to succeed and the support to make it happen. They're encouraged to stretch their abilities with an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and to selling new clients. Understanding the client's needs, listening to their marketing problems, proposing solutions that work and backing them up with the Gateway team are all part of our commitment to our clients' success.


Flexibility is a concept we take seriously at Gateway. We go to great lengths to fill our clients' needs. "Can't do that" is not in our corporate vocabulary. Whether its unusual posting dates, new forms of outdoor, last minute changes or a new advertiser's different approach, we will not try to make your campaign fit our mold; rather, we'll change that mold to fit your campaign.


Gateway Sales Staff being trained to best serve you.

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Service the client beyond their own expectations has always been the cornerstone of our philosophy. Gateway's respect for our clients is reflected in our commitment to the partnership we build with them. Once awarded a contract from an advertiser, the Gateway team immediately begins to prove that commitment. For example, we'll choose the best locations for your target audience, provide audited proofs of performance, an invoice and photos recording your ad upon installation or copy change. And of course, post your ad on time.


Reprint from Computer World magazine profiling Gateway target marketing


Gateway Outdoor Mapping Systems


This approach to the client's needs and sensitivity to their objectives has helped develop a loyal advertiser base . To that end, Gateway has been successful by increasing new local and regional advertisers while expanding its national diversification. Presently, corporate revenues are 60% local and regional advertisers, and 40% is national business. By itself, the transit division represents over 70% local and regional advertisers, with 30% national (Chart D).



Gateway Management celebrates 65 Years




Development of new advertising mediums and marketing concepts are also part of Gateway's service philosophy. Ideas like Full Wrapped Buses, Convenience Store One-Sheets, Free Form 8-Sheets and our Driving Impressions Vehicle are just some examples of Gateway's efforts to meet the needs of our clients. Also, our Gateway MAPPING system plots clients' billboard or transit coverage and profiles their demographic targets. This is just part of how we deliver more than the client asks for and communicate effectively as a partner in their advertising campaign.


Gateway's success means increasing revenues to transit authorities , which has become more significant in light of the recent and proposed federal cutbacks to transit authorities, which will be more dependent on outside sources to offset this loss of operating assistance, and Gateway is ready to step in with new and innovative revenue generating techniques.


We also have a commitment to making certain we have done all that we can do to make your advertising program a success. It's the attention to every detail, from clean, attractive billboard locations to the bus routes that make sense for your particular target audience. And we don't

stop there.


We also have a commitment to the communities where Gateway and our clients are doing business. We have orchestrated billboard campaigns to support local retailers, asking residents to "buy locally" and "support your local merchant".




We have supported local neighborhood groups to fight drugs and drug abuse. Gateway has also helped raised funds for local MADD chapters. Beneficiaries of Gateway community involvement range from domestic violence support programs in Detroit to multi-market support of the Shriners Hospitals - who recently honored Gateway for our efforts on their behalf. Gateway spearheaded a national public service campaign and contest, in conjunction with The Ad Council. The program's theme was anti-racial bigotry and hatred. The winning design with Gateway's support appeared in the top 50 markets in the United States. The design titled ''Life's Too Short/ Stop The Hate" won a Silver Bell award for public service among ad campaigns. Over 100 community programs have received Gateway support in past years - Gateway and the community working together.



This formula breeds success. Over 90% of our customers have renewed business with us in the past three years. Many new national and local advertisers have found in Gateway an advertising partner to expand their markets and move their products off the shelf and into the hands of new customers. Our transit authorities see the benefits of Gateway as a partner with significant increases in revenues over previous operators. The communities in which we do business are beneficiaries of our partnership as we reach into the heart of the neighborhoods and bring the good message home.